Steps How To Create A Beautiful Pond In Your Garden

by Kent Higgins

Ponds can be a unique feature of any . A backyard will become a focal point of your yard. Especially if you have fish in your , kids will love it.

However, many people assume that building a pond in their backyard will be difficult. In fact, it doesn’t have to be. A pond does not have to be large or complicated. You can a simple water feature to add interest in your garden. The sound of moving water is very and soothing. You don’t need to overcomplicate your pond by adding a lot of features. When designing your pond, there are only two features you need to have: a place from which the water will fall, and a pool for it to fall into.

The water falling into the reservoir will provide the calming sound of running water, and your pond will be a beautiful addition to your garden. The reservoir should not be deeper than 2 feet. Many local regulations consider a reservoir deeper than 2 feet a swimming pool, which will have different and more complicated regulations.

For the sides of the reservoir, you can use a rigid fiberglass shell, or a flexible rubber pond liner. To add additional interest, you can also purchase fish or aquatic plants. These can also help balance the ecosystem of the pond, although it will take a little time to develop.

For the bottom of the pond, use landscaping gravel. Microorganisms will grow in the spaces between the gravel, which will help the ecosystem of your pond develop. These microorganisms release carbon dioxide, which is used by your aquatic plants. Your plants, in turn, release oxygen to be used by the fish. Aquatic plants will also help maintain the continuity between your pond and the rest of your garden.

Once you have installed the pond, make sure that it is supplied with a constant flow of water. Especially if you are planning to keep fish in your pond, make sure there is enough water for them. To determine how much water you’ll need to fill the pond, first calculate the area of the pond in square feet. Then, multiply by the depth, to get the volume in cubic feet. Now multiply this number by 7.5, and you’ll have the number of gallons required to fill your pond completely. Keep in mind that it will evaporate over time, so keep your eye on the water levels in your pond.

Besides these simple , there are many ways to design a pond. You can have water falling from a stepped cascade into the reservoir. You can use an electrical pump to bring the water above the cascade, where gravity will bring it down to the reservoir. If you wish to have a simpler pond, you can buy a readymade kit of small bubblers. This and landscape plants to surround the plant, will be enough to add visual interest to your pond.

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