Kitchen Cleaning Tips

Talking About Kitchen Cabinet Refacing

The Secrets of Kitchen Cabinet Refacing

Kitchen remodeling is one of the most popular remodeling projects for homeowners. Not only does it provide fresh looks to tired and outdated kitchens, it can also provide great returns and provide a key feature for those who are looking to sell their…

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Infographic: Dishes Done Right

This is actually very serendipitous (wow, I got that word right on the first try :)). We are currently looking to replace our 12+ year old dishwasher, and I actually had some questions that are answered in this graphic. Thanks, PartSelect, for offering it to me. How should you load a dishwasher? For quite awhile now […]

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Simple Home Improvement Projects To Make Your Day

You say you’d love to pursue some home improvement projects, but you just can’t afford it? Things like new windows and updated kitchens can hit your wallet pretty hard. However, there are many small changes you can do yourself that can make a world of difference. This article provides  some do-it-yourself home improvement ideas and  suggestions you […]

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Copper Sink Advantages

One of the best places for someone to remodel their home is in the kitchen. Many make an honest attempt to remodel their home in order to increase its resale value but they come up short because they neglect to tackle the kitchen. But this is changing as many real estate agents and also regular homeowners realize that there a great premium to be placed on ensuring that the kitchen is given due focus.

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Grout in the Kitchen

Do you have a clean kitchen? Well, you should. Your kitchen, the counter in particular, will have constant contact with the food that you cook, which in turn will make contact with your body. It’s not farfetched to assume that whatever is growing on your kitchen counter will get to your food, and consequentially into your stomach.

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Clean Kitchen 101

It is very important to have the right organic household cleaner as you clean up while you work in your kitchen. Clean your cooking equipment after each use and do not leave the sink dirty and full to stop microorganisms from spreading disease. You must also check your cupboards because there may be perishable items […]

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