Rustic Interior Railings

Everything You Need to Know About Horse Fencing

Is there such a thing as fail-safe fencing and gates? Maybe someday! In the meantime, there are certain steps you should take to make sure your horse not only remains in his enclosure, but remains there safely.

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What native woods are suitable for building a rustic log-type stair-railing? Use downed wood from storm?

A reader asked.. Recent Ice storm created an abundance of downed branches ranging in the right size- 2″- 8″ in diameter- and I want to build a fence type handrail system for my stairway and top of stairwell with top and bottom rails with smaller vertical “sticks” between. I would prefer not having the bark […]

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An Informative Bulletin on Log Home Siding

This article talks about the use of natural log in making sidings. It emphasizes the fact that no artificial material can ever replace the real wood. Read On!Log home siding is an effective way to make your home look like a true log home.

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