Reconstructing a NW Chair Co. Rocker

The following content is syndicated content. December 15th, 2014 in blogs A reader stated interest in making a SketchUp model of a very comfortable family rocker. (The original rocker was made in the early 1900’s by the Northwest Chair Co in Tacoma, WA.) The reader assembled a SketchUp file, but ran into […]

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Adirondack Chair — Placing the Back Slats

The following content is syndicated content. How to Cut Sliding Dovetail Joints Best Tabletop Finish Dedicated Sled Delivers Perfect Finger Joints How to Drill Windsor Chair Mortises […]

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A Barrel Chair — A Follow Me Lesson Pt. 1

The following content is syndicated content. T-Track is a Smart Workbench Accessory Fixing Woodworking Mistakes How to Make a Simple Jig for Offset Knife Hinges Dedicated Sled Delivers Perfect Finger Joints […]

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A Barrel Chair –part 2

The following content is syndicated content. Dedicated Sled Delivers Perfect Finger Joints Best Tabletop Finish Five Minute Guide: How to Use a Tablesaw How to Cut Sliding Dovetail Joints […]

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Osborne Wood Products Adds Chair Legs, Plans Chair Kits

The following content is syndicated from Woodworker’s Journal. TOCCOA, GA – Osborne Wood Products says its branched out beyond legs for tables and islands, and now offers chair legs. “We’ve seen a lot of requests for simple, less ornate pieces,” says Haden Smith, CAD Specialist at Osborne Wood Products. “But we also get a lot […]

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How To Turn Your Furniture Into Storage Space

When we pick furniture for our home, we usually look for items that are comfortable and complement the house interior design. That’s all very well and good, but in these days of smaller houses, furniture should also be multi-functional. Aside from its obvious purpose, each article can be a statement of your house’s personality and […]

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Bouncy Ergonomic Office Chair – Know The Advantages While Getting Relaxed And Comfortable

Bouncy ergonomic office chair offers you a lot of benefits. Regardless of that, you may think that the term ‘ergonomic’ is a term that is nothing more than a catch-word to grab the attention of buyers. Whatever you may think, this term is more than just a a buzzword used by furniture designers and chiropractorsan. […]

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Things to Consider When Using Wedding Chair Covers

Nothing gives a grander and more magnificent appearance to a reception than wedding chair covers. Regardless of the style or type of material you choose, chair covers will definitely add greatly to the majesty of your wedding reception. Besides that they also serve other purposes.

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Product Review for the Human Touch HT-1650 Massage Chair

The Luxury massage chair recliner model HT-1650 is the subject of this product review. The HT 1650 is made by Human Touch. The HT1650 is unique in that it looks like a normal recliner, but has many massage therapy capabilities. Let us take a look at this unique massage chair, the HT-1650 by Human Touch.

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Reduce Stress and Anxiety Symptoms with a Massage Chair

Stress comes from our perception or interpretation of our environment. Sometimes it is instinctual, sometimes it is external events, but the effects on the body are the same. Your body elevates itself to a higher state of preparedness. Blood flow and breathing is increased and the muscles are given a boost of adrenaline. Your body is ready to go. Many times stress has no release, so people begin to fees tightness or discomfort in their back or shoulders. These stiff areas need to be relieved. Massage chairs provide the most convenient massage therapy to relieve these areas and relax your body.

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