Drinking water


The Benefits of Using Plastic Piping Over metal Piping

In the past, many homes and businesses used bronze, copper, or galvanized iron for all their plumbing needs. In recent times, plastic pipes have become more popular due to their many benefits. Of course a few decades back, lead piping was the only logical choice, but they have since been discontinued due to the many […]

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Smart Ways To Cut Water Wastage

One of the big environmental issues of our time is water wastage – it’s a notable concern across the world and one that is only going to have a bigger impact on the way we live globally. However, that doesn’t mean that as individuals we can’t do our part to help reduce the amount of […]

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Water Storage 101

No matter where you live, storing water is an excellent way to prepare for possible bumps in the road. Without this vital product, man can die in a matter of days, so why take unnecessary risks and rely on the government to do the right thing? The problem with storing water is that many of […]

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Arid Landscapes and Xeriscaping

Do you live in an arid climate? By that I mean – is the amount of natural rainfall in your area low enough that you have to irrigate to keep your landscape from turning into dust? Do you have to spend a ton of money during the warmer months to keep that grassy carpet in […]

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What Water Purification Should Be

Standards for public water purification are lacking. Bottled water is simply tap water that has been run through some sort of water purifier. The need for in-home water purifiers is real, but not all products really provide pure water. Pure water should be chemical free. It should be free of illness causing bacteria. The mineral […]

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How Safe Is Your Drinking Water… Really?

Many of us don’t stop and think about what is coming from the tap when we turn on our water faucets. We assume that the water is safe to drink and cannot harm us in any way. There are many factors that contribute to the safety of the water you drink such as from where […]

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