Awesome Ideas to Add Character to Your Home

Having a home we love is something we all try to obtain. Maybe you have made all of the big changes to your home and have now run out of projects for yourself. Maybe you want to change your landscape or remodel the bathroom but doing so is beyond your budget.  Below are a few […]

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CCTV Door Entry System for Residential Buildings

Since convincing my neighbours to install a CCTV door entry system to our block of flats, I’ve been absolutely thrilled! I can buzz my pizza delivery into my apartment building without having to walk down three flights of stairs and my upstairs neighbor no longer has to throw a key attached to a tennis ball out […]

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BurnTables Contest Entry – Zombies! (WINNER)

ZOMBURNTABLES Attack of the hand tool hating zombies Instead of the typical “5 minutes of boring” contest entries, we thought we would change it up a bit with short movie about two brothers trying to save their life in a post apocalyptic era by completing their rockcrawler–the only vehicle capable of getting them out of […]

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