Environmentally friendly


Review: AnchorInsulation.com

When thinking about home improvement, many frugal homeowners think about all of the “green” they will spend. Nowadays, though, they can also consider a different kind of green – “green” building. With unpredictable energy prices and states adopting regulations prohibiting products that emit harmful emissions, eco-friendly building techniques have become a hot topic. In fact, […]

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Green Living Home Improvement Projects

This informative article brought to you by Green Wonder. Many homeowners are choosing to live a greener life, and are finding ways to perform home improvement projects that can decrease the amount of energy consumed every year. There are proven home improvement projects that are essential to green living. They can help the homeowner save money, […]

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Is Powder Coating Paint Environmentally Friendly?

The environment is on everyone’s priority list and that is how it should be. That being said, we have to be aware of what the different and new products mean. While powder coating paint might sound dangerous you have to look at the alternative and the whole process by which the paint is used. In […]

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Ozone (O3) Removes Microorganisms

Nine out of ten diseases, including the common cold and the flu, are caused by water or airborne bacteria and viruses. When comparing disinfectants one should keep in mind that there are very few bad chemical solutions for killing micro-organisms. Nearly all biocides will disinfect almost any water if the right dosage and reaction time […]

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Bamboo Flooring is a Valuable Alternative to Hardwood

Bamboo flooring is a very beautiful alternative to using hardwood flooring. Bamboo floors are very popular at the moment because they are so attractive, using bamboo is also an environmentally friendly material. There are a number of popular manufacturers such as Armstrong, Columbia and Mohawk flooring which produce these types of flooring.

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