I Ordered Sims 3 Collector’s Edition Who Else?

A Reader Asks… Who else ordered the Sims 3 Collector’s edition? I’m SO excited for it to come out! Unfortunately, I’m 14 and couldn’t afford the shipping….. so I had to get the free shipping from Amazon, which takes 5-9 days! I’m in so much pain! It seems like an anticlimactic end for my Sims […]

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Eewww! Guess What’s In Your Bed?

We are currently in an age when we seem to be worried about every little thing. ‘Are the preservatives and artificial colourings in our food making us ill?’ ‘Is the environment giving my child asthma?’ ‘Why is the occurrence of allergies and food related disorders at an all time high?’ But the simple fact is; […]

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