Choosing a Miele Canister Vacuum for Your Home

The major criteria involved with choosing a canister vacuum cleaner is what floor surfaces you plan to clean versus the power of the vacuum. Almost all canister vacuum cleaners offer 3 choices of tools for the surfaces of floors, a bare floor hard plastic brush about ten or twelve inches wide with bristles, a turbo brush that features a spinning drum roller with harder bristles, or a power head brush that is like the turbo brush although it is powered by a seperate motor.

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Saving Power With Passive Solar Design

If you have wanted to start living more off the grid and saving power, have you ever considered passive solar design?

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Earth4Energy – The Best Home Solar Power Guide?

If you have heard all the hype around people making their home wind turbine and solar power at home for little under $250, you would have noticed that there are dozens of diy energy guides on the market. One them, Earth4Energy, claims it can help you save up to 80% on your power bill. But what is the truth behind the guide? We got ourselves a copy, and this is what we found.

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