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Rhinestone Setting Hand Tool

This rhinestone/rhinestud setting hand tool brings back the joy of setting fashion accessories! Buy it here colmanandcompany.com This tool combines two processes in one. No more hassle, setting rhinestones by hand or with tweezers separately to the fabric and then gluing it afterwards with an applicator. Simply place your finger over the applicator hole to […]

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Rivnut C845 Hand Tool

Operating Instructions for a C845 Hand Tool. 1. Engage all threads of the Rivnut Fastener on the pull up stud. Advance anvil until it is tight on head of Rivnut. Insert Rivnut in hole of material. 2. Place wrench in socket of jackscrew & hold stationary. Turn Hex nut in counter clockwise direction with a […]

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How is the HUMAN HAND used as a measuring tool?

A reader asked.. How is the HUMAN HAND used as a measuring tool? help please i know it is used in measuring horses.

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