7 Interesting Facts about Limestone Tiles

Not only are limestone tiles aesthetically beautiful and great for modernising or sparking up your kitchen, bathroom, hall or living room, it also has a very interesting history. We have compiled some interesting facts containing all you need to know about limestone Limestone is a sedimentary stone.It is commonly used in the UK as a […]

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What Material Should I Choose For My Fireplace?

A fireplace forms the focal point of any room, placed squarely in the middle, the choice of fireplace can drastically alter the look and feel of a room regardless of the d├ęcor that surrounds it. In this guide we look at some popular choices for fireplace materials, and talk about how they may be suitable […]

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The Natural Beauty of Limestone Fireplaces

If you are renovating an existing room you may be looking for a piece de resistance and what better focus to add to a room than a hand carved limestone fireplace. Limestone fireplaces are also a great addition to new houses and are available in a variety of styles, colours and sizes to suit your […]

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