Drawing a Live Edge Slab

The following content is syndicated content. August 15th, 2015 in blogs The other day a woodworker sent me a photograph of a live edge slab of walnut. He wanted to know if it could be drawn in SketchUp. Here’s what I came up with.   The image he sent me was a […]

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People Who Live In Glass Houses… Should Know These Energy-Saving Tips

Today, there are diverse materials for construction, including glass and steel. Fortified glass that is fit for buildings as well as homes can withstand tough weather and great force, while steel is also very durable and resilient. When these two are combined in creating a structure, the building will possess the impressive qualities of both […]

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how to use the hand writing tool in windows live messenger?

A reader asked.. When I click on the hand writing tool a message pops up and says I need to install an update. What do I have to install to use this ?

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Beetham Hilton Tower: Stay there, live there, be amazed there

Directly in the centre of Manchester is a mesmerizing 47-storey structure called the Beetham Hilton Tower. Its construction took place in 2006 by the Beetham Organization, which is where the tower got its name. And when you fix your eyes on this structure, it isnt difficult to see that the Beetham Hilton Tower is the tallest building in Manchester. This is made true by its 168.87 (554 feet) height. You will find that up to the 23rd floor, there is a Hilton hotel. It is from the 25th floor until the 47th floor triplex penthouse that you will find the Beetham tower apartments. For those living in the apartments, there is two basement levels of parking to make life just a little simpler.

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The Beetham Hilton Tower: A place to live, stay and be amazed

Sitting in the centre of Manchester, the Beetham Hilton Tower is a breathtaking 47-storey skyscraper and is one of the most amazing structures in England. The Beetham Organization, the buildings namesake, constructed it in 2006. And when paying a visit to Manchester, it is not hard to see that the Beetham Hilton tower is the tallest structure in Manchester. It has gained that very title because it stands at 168.87 metres, or 554 feet. What one will find inside is a Hilton Hotel with rooms that end at the 23rd floor. It is then between floors 25 to the triplex penthouse that reaches up to the 47th floor that you will find the Beetham Tower apartments. As for where everyone parks, there are two basement level garages for the residents of the apartment to make their lives a little easier.

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How A Live In Domestic Help Housekeeper Can Save Your Marriage

It may be incredible to think that a live in domestic help or housekeeper can save a marriage. Some marriages fail accordingly because the wife does not have the time for her husband anymore, and so when you think about this and some of the other causes why marriages fail, you will be able to link the two together.

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