The Idea Foundry Power Tool Drag Race, June 2009, Columbus OH

The Idea Foundry and the Fuse Factory’s Power Tool Drag Race from June, 2009, as filmed by Columbus Channel 10 (WBNS) Sports News. This video was viewed 1365 times and got an average rating of 5 Some power tool stuff from Amazon: Tonka Power Tools Playset ReviewsIf your child covets your socket wrenches or, worse […]

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is there a power tool to screw in screws other than manual screwdrivers?

A reader asked.. what’s the name of it? I am trying to screw a screw onto my door latch as the screw came loose. manual screwdrivers aren’t strong enough to screw the screw into the wood entirely, I’d need some sort of power tool. What’s the name of it? Where can I buy it? Any […]

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Portable Electricity Generators: Beginners Manual

Movable power generators are excellent when you lose power or in places that have no power. For information on how to safely and efficiently use these generators please refer to this article. Generators are rated by their wattage, how many watts of power they produce and how much demand they can handle, and those whose wattage is higher than 2,500 watts do not classify as portable, or back-up, generators; 5000-watt generators, for example, are considered to be “whole house” generators because they can provide power to several major household appliances simultaneously.

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