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What Are Fuel Pellets, Wood Pellet And Pellet Mills

Not that many people are aware of fuel pellets. The current most popular forms of energy, which are fossil fuel based, must be replaced with sustainable alternatives. A sustainable resource is one which can be used at the current levels of consumption and future consumption levels without depleting resources. This also therefore indicates resources which […]

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How Are Wood Pellets Produced

Today around the world the interest in pellets is growing. One of the largest industries currently for pellets is the animal feed industry. Animal feed formulas are prepared, then through heat and pressure in a pellet mill reformed into pellets. Animal feed pellets store better than loose animal feed and also take up much less […]

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Energy Security Through Pellets And Fuel Pellet Boilers

Temperature rises and global warming are very serious issues, to combat the issue proactive change needs to take place to change our source of energy and reduce our energy consumption. Our current source of energy is predominantly from fossil fuels, this includes for example oil, gas and coal. By using these fuels however we are […]

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