Paul Sellers’ Poor Man’s Hand Router

Paul Sellers shows in this short video how to make a ‘Poor Man’s Router’. This is a hand router that helps with cutting housings, dados, tenons and other recesses. It helps guarantee a consistent depth of cut. To find out more about Paul Sellers and the projects he is involved with visit: paulsellers.com Thanks for […]

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What The GURUs Won’t Tell You Is Keeping You Poor!

Thousands of people who were poor only 3-5 years ago are now rich and you can be too with very little work on your part………you seen their stories on the internet! Do you believe in the Tooth Fairy too? Don’t get me wrong it can be done, but not their way. Unless you like a 90% failure rate staring you in the face. To be successful in any business venture requires work, training, commitment and a Global Mentor. You should be building financial freedom along side your Global Mentor.

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