The Best Way To Winter Proof Your Hot Water Heater Prior To Leaving

If you are living in a place where temperatures can easily drop to several degrees below zero and your water heater will not be used for while then it’s important that you winter proof it. If you are leaving for a week or two week long vacation you need to take the required steps in […]

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Porter-Cable 690LR 1-3/4-HP Fixed Base Router

The Porter-Cable 690LR 1-3/4 Peak HP Router tools features an increased horsepower up to 1-3/4 and the incorporation of new one-handed lever-release height adjustment. A dust proof switch and larger, more ergonomic handle is added for better control. The Porter-Cable 690LR features a precision machined aluminum motor housing and base, 1/64 inch micrometer depth-of-cut adjustment, […]

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Fire Proof File Cabinet: Critique of Incombustible and Security File Cabinet Choices

If you have important documents to protect, you’re probably considering a fire proof file cabinet which will protect your files and papers in the event of a large blaze. However, models can vary significantly, each offering a different amount of fire protection time or heat resistance. For a brief review of some of the most […]

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