How To Ensure Lone Worker Safety In Building Work

The issue of working alone in building work is a difficult one, as businesses and individuals have no legal obligation to ensure that there is supervision and company for each worker. However, the management of the business does have an obligation to ensure that risk assessments are taking place and health and safety regulations are […]

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Bouncy Ergonomic Office Chair – Know The Advantages While Getting Relaxed And Comfortable

Bouncy ergonomic office chair offers you a lot of benefits. Regardless of that, you may think that the term ‘ergonomic’ is a term that is nothing more than a catch-word to grab the attention of buyers. Whatever you may think, this term is more than just a a buzzword used by furniture designers and chiropractorsan. […]

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The Five Stages of Risk Assessment

Is risk assessment rocket science? No of course it isn’t.

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