Rockler’s Steel Shop Stand | Power Miter Saw Station

The following content is syndicated content. Rockler’s Steel Shop Stands can be configured in a number of ways to provide you with excellent work space and efficient storage that’s customized to your shop. Here are just three possibilities for a Power Miter Saw Station using Rockler Shop Stands. Enclosed Cabinet + Open Storage Built with […]

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Rockler’s Steel Shop Stand | Mini Lathe Station

The following content is syndicated content. It’s important to have your lathe at the right height, both for comfort and safety. For many woodworkers, Rockler’s 28″ high Shop Stand Legs position the lathe perfectly to provide all the leverage and control needed when turning. If you’re a little taller and want the option of moving […]

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Rockler’s Steel Shop Stand | Multiple Tool Tables

The following content is syndicated content. Sometimes you just need a space for your benchtop tools to call home. Rockler’s Shop Stands are the perfect solution. You can configure them to fit your needs and organize your workflow. Add locking casters for mobility and shop trays to keep tools within easy reach. The possibilities are […]

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Rockler’s Steel Shop Stand | Work Table

The following content is syndicated content. Woodworking without an adequate work table is a little like cutting the grass with scissors: You can do it, but it takes a lot longer and the results are likely to be uneven. With Rockler’s Shop Stands, you assemble a table sized for your shop, add your own top […]

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Rockler’s Steel Shop Stand | Accessories

The following content is syndicated content. Sometimes the simplest add-ons make all the difference. They can take an appliance or car – or Shop Stand – from dependably functional to delightfully indispensable. From shop trays that keep tools close at hand to casters that provide mobility to kits for adding drawers, Rockler has accessories to […]

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Set Up Shop Fast With Rockler’s Steel Shop Stands

The following content is syndicated content. Setting up shop isn’t just about buying the right tools. You need work surfaces where you can get the most out of those tools, and you need space to store them so that they’re protected and out of the way but still close at hand. And it would be […]

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Rockler’s Ready2Rout “Smart” Fence – Woodworker’s Journal eZine

The following content is syndicated content. The team at Woodworker’s Journal magazine explain some of the features and benefits to the Ready2Rout electronic router table system. With the rise of more affordable small shop CNC machines and better design software for woodworkers, Rockler is bringing the benefits of both technologies together to build a better […]

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Rockler’s Dove Tail Jig Dust Collector

Learn more: Rockler introduces an accessory dust collector for use with all Rockler Dovetail Jigs. Video Rating: 3 / 5 Rockler 2-Pc. Drop Leaf Table Rule Joint Router Bit Set Item No.ABCR26318 (1) 1-1/4’5/8’1/2’1/2’26318 (2) 1-1/2’5/8’1/2’1/2′ A fantastic value on high quality router bits. These bits are competitively priced while offering high performance and […]

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Rockler’s Excelsior 5-Speed Mini Lathe The full review has lots of photos and details such as pricing. Rockler Multi-Purpose Shop Kit Rockler Bench Dogs Hold stock in place while sanding, hand planing, or securing other objects 3/4′ dia. with a low 7/16′ profile for working with 1/2′ material and up Set of four Rockler Screw-Lube Made with a combination […]

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Rockler’s Clamp-It Assembly Squares

Learn more: For years, Rockler’s innovative Clamp-It Assembly Squares have been a woodworker’s best friend in d… Video Rating: 4 / 5 Rockler 1/2″ Dowel Drilling Jig Technical Details:Delivers a quick joint setup in just a moment of timeNo need to transfer marks from the face to the edge, or measure and mark with […]

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