What native woods are suitable for building a rustic log-type stair-railing? Use downed wood from storm?

A reader asked.. Recent Ice storm created an abundance of downed branches ranging in the right size- 2″- 8″ in diameter- and I want to build a fence type handrail system for my stairway and top of stairwell with top and bottom rails with smaller vertical “sticks” between. I would prefer not having the bark […]

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Are Metal Agricultural Barns Suitable for Use with Livestock?

Let’s say you’re driving down the highway and you see a farm using metal barns. You see that there are tractors and other farm equipment parked around them, so you assume that the barns are used for parking their heavy farming equipment. That is when you begin to wonder if it is possible to place livestock in those barns. You know they are metal and metal tends to draw in heat, so how is such a thing not going to keep the livestock from burning up?

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