DIY Bathroom Updates

Do you want to spruce up your bathroom(s) but don't have the time, money or energy for a complete redo? One of the first things you need to ask yourself is why do you think you need a bathroom change? Are you just bored of the same look? Do you think it looks worn, tired, and dull? Are you thinking of selling your home and just know that your outdated bathrooms will not present well to potential buyers? Well good news, below are some fairly simple DIY bathroom upgrades that can also cost below $1000 in material!

Bathroom Colors

The first and most important part of your overall bathroom look is of course the color scheme. Once you have established what colors you want, the other choices will revolve around that. Bathroom colors have gone through many changes over the years, but in general they seem to have come back to relaxing colors such as pale gray, blue, green or tan. In some busy homes the bathroom is the only quiet space, a soothing color helps keep that calming atmosphere. While painting a bathroom may seem like a very basic DIY job, in truth with the nooks and crannies, as well as the opportunity for accent borders and special finishes, it can require much more that a slap of a coat of paint. And don't forget ceramic tiles, they don't have to go all the way to the ceiling anymore, using decorative ceramic borders you can add a special touch to almost any area of your bathroom. You can then use towels, wall decor and other items to add a splash of color.


Bathroom floors take a beating so If your bathroom floors have been around for a long time they are probably worn and faded. While ceramic tile can be expensive and a big job, color than when you first had them installed, it's time for some new flooring. Today, there is vinyl flooring that can be cut with scissors, making it easy to fit the exact floor space, making the process of changing your bathroom flooring pretty simple. There are so many different types of vinyl from a wood look to an expensive Italian tile look, your biggest time waster might be choosing just one! This is a DIY project that will make a HUGE difference in the look of your bathroom but won't break the bank.

Bathroom Vanities

Bathroom vanities are obviously a main focal point of the bathroom, it the vanity is worn, scratched up or outdated nothing else you do will make much of a difference. Luckily there are many DIY options, from simply repainting an old vanity, to choosing a few pieces from your local hardware and replacing the old ones. Repainting an old vanity is probably the most cost effective, but it is also a lot of work if you want to obtain a durable finish. However perhaps the current vanity fits perfectly and has great storage so why rip it out? Ripping out an old vanity and putting in a new one can be more costly, depending on the size and style you choose. Today there are many standalone bathroom vanities that can fit very nicely, and free up space for other storage uses. Either way, make sure you check out your options!

Bathroom Lighting

Another important part of your bathroom that makes a big impression is lighting. Overly bright lights are harsh while today's bathrooms tend to be calming spa like spaces. A cost-effective way to add flare to your bathroom is to get new lighting fixtures. If you are considering selling your home go for a clean look, with unobtrusive but classy fixtures, modernizing and providing the perfect lighting at the same time.

Bathroom Decorations

There are many items in the bathroom that you might not think of as decoration, such as the mirror. However a mirror is more than functional, it can also express who you are. Some people are replacing their old full wall mirrors with smaller main mirrors and other accents such as old style mirrors, or small shelving to hold the essentials. If the mirror in your bathroom is showing its age, take a step back before you simply replace it and consider some new accents as well. Putting up specialized shelves such as narrow accessory shelves, or racks to hang small bins from, they can be great space saving organizational tools.

Get the bathroom you want without breaking the bank, and have some fun doing it!

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