How to Clean Your House in a Jiffy

How to Clean Your House in a Jiffy

Cleaning your house is probably not among your favorite things to do, especially not on a weekend, where there are thousands of other things to do. But maintaining a clean and tidy home comes with lots of benefits, that will make it all worth it on the long run. Most importantly, your indoor climate will improve if you keep your home neat and clean, but you'll also feel better and be able to relax, if your things aren't stacked in piles upon piles across the floor.

This article takes you around some of the best tips and ideas on how to clean your house quickly and easily, so you can get out and be part of all the fun.

Make a List and Go Auto

Making a list of your chores for the day might seem like a waste of time. But how many times haven't you been standing there in the middle of the room, losing focus because of all the different tasks you need to do in one day?

That is exactly where a list comes in . Being able to scratch one thing off the list at a time will both motivate you and make it easier for you, because as your list decreases, your mood goes the other way, and before you know it you will be all done and ready to go.

One added benefit to this is you don't have to focus on cleaning while you're doing it, because you already thought out a master plan. So you can just go auto and pick up a phone call with your best friend, your parents, your long lost cousin, or you can watch TV and let your thoughts flow while cleaning at the same time.

Make Sure You Have the Proper Equipment

Having the proper equipment is crucial, if you want to clean your house quickly and easily. Most people knows how it feels to use a vacuum that doesn't do anything but making lot of noise, and it can be very frustrating to work with.

Find yourself an efficient and vacuum cleaner that suits your needs, as it will help you finish the job much quicker.

One of many places to start searching for a new vacuum cleaner, is by reading the reviews on, but also going through facts and buyers guides to make sure you're going for the right type of vacuum cleaner for your needs.

Make a Cleaning Schedule

Making a schedule will quickly get you into the habit of regular cleaning, and it will be easier accomplished when it's done regularly.

You'd want to vacuum your entire house at least once a week, while you do spot cleaning on a daily basis. This means going through the entire house and vacuuming it thoroughly, including the bed and under the sofa, along the wall, and other places where dust usually builds up. You can then quickly grab the vacuum cleaner and give it a quick walk through the house daily, just to pick up loose hair, dirt and what you've otherwise managed to drag into your house during the day.

You'd also want to wash your hard floors once a week, to get them properly clean. This is also where you want to wipe off shelves, side tables and other surfaces, so dust won't sit and build up.

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