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DIY Garage Door Repairs: Identifying Springs

We all know that buying a new garage door is a major investment, so if your garage door breaks down, you’ll probably want to avoid the money that would come with completely replacing it. Garage doors and even garage door maintenance can be expensive. However if you decide to do some maintenance yourself you are […]

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Garage Safety Door – Steps To Keep Your Folks Safe

Automatic openers and garage doors are the cause of many people getting injured in accidents in homes.The garage door is infact one or the largest and heaviest moving part in a home or house.The weight of a wooden or metal door can range any where from 100 to 400 pounds.All it takes is a few […]

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Try My Simple Ideas For Insulating Your Garage

When the temperature begin to cool people will often think about how well their home is insulated. Without proper insulation you will have high heating bills through the cold winter months. Often people will consider how energy efficient their existing doors and windows may be and do not even think about their garage door. For […]

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Homes – come on! – Its all about the Garage

Buying a new home dont forget to check out the garage and the garage door. Garage doors have their ups and downs. There have been very few downs for garage doors since their invention. So we’re going to bring you up-to-date on everything that’s going on with a simple explanation on how garage doors work. We’ll show you those ups and downs and all the parts that make them go. We’ll branch out a bit into the actual garages, and see how their styling has affected the design of the door itself. Remember if you are doing a home renovation or upgrade add a garage if you dont have one.

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Replacing Your Own Garage Door

Garage doors don’t last forever, they always need replacing. At some time your garage door will break and need replacing. This isn’t actually all bad, newer garage doors have many new features which were not present on older models.

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