DIY Garage Door Repairs: Identifying Springs

We all know that buying a new garage door is a major investment, so if your garage door breaks down, you'll probably want to avoid the money that would come with completely replacing it. Garage doors and even garage door maintenance can be expensive.

However if you decide to do some maintenance yourself you are still looking at hundreds of dollars just to do something simple like replace the springs, but at least you can save on the labor.

Doing it yourself will be a lot cheaper, very easy and takes under an hour, just be sure to do good research and have all the proper tools.

Doing little repairs yourself like these will extend the life of your garage door as well and you will probably save you from requiring a new one for a .

The first step to garage door maintenance is knowing your garage door. Measure all parts of your garage door so that when you order new parts they fit. Don't just estimate. You also need to make sure you buy compatible products if you are buying a new product, i.e. – one that is not currently installed on your garage door such as a programmable garage door opener.

Once common part that needs maintenance and may need replacing is a garage door. It is very important buy the right style of spring. There are two types: Extension and Torsion.

Extension springs are ones on either side of the track. Look for these on lighter doors as it is common.

Torsion springs come in single or variety on the ceiling above the garage door. These are usually used on heavier doors. There are variations of these two systems offered by companies designed for the do it yourselfers in mind so when you have your new garage door installed you can inquire about this.

Once you have identified and order the correct replacement strings it is time to study your garage door manual that should have a section about installing springs. As installing springs is not without risk it is important to follow these directions to avoid injuring yourself and the garage door.

There are plenty of things the DIYer can do to maintain and repair their garage door, if you are a DIYer, it's a great place to save money and get to know your garage door!

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