How to Pick the Best Cordless Drill

How to Pick the Best Cordless Drill
Drilling can be a hefty and uncomfortable task, especially if we have to keep an eye on where we plug the cable, how far it goes and making sure that it does not get in the way. That is why one should opt for a cordless drill over a corded drill.

Not sure where to start? Read about the best cordless drills and keep these tips in mind while you’re making your choice.


There are several factors that we must take into account before choosing a suitable drill model. The first is the kind of work that we are going to perform, based on difficulty. So, we have it low (assembly of models, furniture ready, small screwed), medium (assembly of furniture without preparing, small drilling, screwed fences), high (install kitchen furniture, mount shelves or lamps, screwed planks) and very high (mount roofs and sheds, build garden sheds).

The second thing that one must consider is the battery, the fundamental element differentiates from drill to drill. There are two types: nickel-cadmium (NiCad) and lithium. The latter are more modern and better because they are more compact and lighter, last longer and do not suffer the memory effect. Lithium batteries can be charged when needed, but with nickel.

We have a smaller, handy and pleasant tool to use in the cordless (battery) drills as opposed to the traditional cable drills. In addition to the enormous comfort they provide, another additional plus is the reduction in size that they bring, which makes them much more manageable, since they are designed to fit in our hand. Along with the decrease in size there is another, considerable, weight, which makes it easier to use these machines for a long time.

A drilling power corresponds to each level. If the difficulty is low, with a 3Nm and maximum tightening torque will be enough. The next level will require more power, about 11/22 Nm, but not larger. When the difficulty rises we will have to look for a drill of 20/40 Nm, or even higher if the works are very complicated. It is necessary to choose the appropriate tightening torque depending on the force that we are going to use so that the screw is neither too loose nor too hard.

Afterwards, we have the extra features of each model, which make it more efficient and comfortable. The first and most important is the reversible rotation, which allows us both to screw and unscrew. Then, the indicator, by LED light, of direction of rotation, which avoids failures. Many also report the state of the battery, something very useful to not run out of energy in the middle of work, and incorporate a kind of flashlight at one end (Power Light) that makes the work easier in dark spots.

Some more useful functionalities are the chuck of fast subjection (that facilitates much the changes between tip of screwing and bit), handle against the vibrations and system Power Control, a novelty of some marks that optimizes the force applied in each screwing to 10 different levels, increasing accuracy and comfort at the touch of a button.

Finally, we must also observe the size and design of the tool, to opt for a model of a specific brand once we know what power we need. A small and light device will facilitate work in almost any material, as well as in the most difficult areas to enter. It is important that the design is ergonomic, so that we can grip the drill with comfort and safety, avoiding problems in places that are difficult to access (ceilings, interiors of drawers and shelves) and to avoid slips that can cost us an important displeasure, together with the added problem of not being able to apply the necessary force to the task because we cannot grip the handle correctly.

If you still have any questions about how to pick the best cordless drill, then leave me a comment below and I’ll try my best to help.


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