A Guide to Choosing a New Ethanol Fireplace

A Guide to Choosing a New Ethanol Fireplace

It will take no more than one glance to realize why ethanol fireplaces are so popular today. These fireplaces are easy to install and use. Furthermore, they are very effective at creating an ambiance akin to a traditional fireplace but without the hassle and chores that come with the traditional fireplaces. They are a great addition to your home decor, creating an inviting ambiance like no other item can. They also supplement the aesthetics of your home decor like no other centerpiece can.

Another benefit you accrue by using these kinds of fireplaces is the ability to install and use them anywhere, even the tightest of confines. Their unique and design and the heat process involves a clean burn. As such, you can use them in small apartments, in hallways, an in many other places you might want to use a fireplace.

Imagine relaxing and reading the latest issue of your favorite magazine with gently burning embers in front of you. This can be your reality, even when you live in a house that traditionally has not supported the installation of a fireplace. Aside from providing you with the ability to install a fireplace anywhere, there are plenty of other benefits. Herein we will explore the benefits of an ethanol fireplace.


A bioethanol fireplace is a stellar statement piece to add to your decor. Not only will it capture the attention of your guest but it will also impress them with is uniqueness and functionality. Furthermore, since they do not need a flue to vent emissions, you can install them seemingly anywhere. There are even bioethanol fireplaces that have been designed for wall installations. Check out these fashionable options from Ethanol Fireplace Pros

With the availability of bioethanol fireplaces with steel, marble, stone, and other material available on the market, you can purchase a fireplace that complements the overall material scheme of your decor. Furthermore, you can opt for a fireplace that draws out the accent in your decor, helping you highlight your overall decorative scheme.


When it comes to bioethanol fireplaces, the installation process is quite simple as you do not require the use and, therefore, the installation of a chimney. On the operational side of things, the fireplaces are very easy to use. For instance, to start a fire, you typically use a start button. The high-end versions of this fireplaces usually have a remote control to control all aspects of the fireplace.

For the ultimate wow factor, a remote control is a must-have. There is something special when you walk into your home and with a touch of a remote control button, you are able to start up a fire. And as technology develops and continues to integrate even more into our lives, even more technologically advanced versions of the bio-ethanol fireplaces are coming to the market.

For instance, we now have bio-ethanol fireplaces that are controlled using a mobile app.

Clean and Efficient

With bio-ethanol producing carbon dioxide and a small amount of water, it is among the cleanest fireplaces on the market. It does not produce the by-products that traditional fireplaces produce such as ash, , and smoke. As such, you do not have to worry about your fireplace ruining your furniture.


The main reason for having a fireplace is to warm the room. On this front bioethanol fireplaces do not fail users as they burn warm, with the heat being radiated to the entire room. Typically, bio-ethanol fireplaces are more effective than the electrically powered hanging fireplaces in heating up a room as well as distributing the heat.

Moreover, electrically powered hanging fireplaces do not produce real flames. Instead, they use internal heaters to produce the heat. Flames add a touch of drama and increase the perceived heat, making bio-ethanol fireplaces the better of all the modern fireplace alternatives.


Among all the fireplaces available on the market, few can provide the ease of installation that bio-ethanol fireplaces provide. Considering that there are free-standing options on the market, you might even not have to install the fireplace.

In the case of wall-mounted fireplaces, you just have to drill the wall bracket into places and after ensuring everything is properly installed, you place the fireplace. It is that simple. Compare this installation process to traditional fireplaces that cost thousands of dollars and tens of hours to install, you will appreciate the ease of installation that a bio-ethanol fireplace provides.

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