Environmentally Friendly – Standing Seam Metal Roofing

Standing Seam Metal Roofing

What is the job of your roof?

The roof is the part of the house takes on the hardest of all jobs – protecting us from the elements. From wintry ice to summer sun, the roof must be able to cope with extreme conditions – often simultaneously.

Most materials cannot withstand a range of abuse this diverse, so it is important to select roofing manufactured from strong, durable and resistant materials. It's a good thing advances in technology have kept up with the demand for better and better roofing materials.

The shapes of roofs supposedly also represent elements in feng shui that either good luck or bad luck to residents. A beautiful roof would be pointless if it does not blend nicely with the design of the house.

Considering all that roof does, you'd think that that people would take it more seriously. However, it is something that is often overlooked until the very worst happens.

Many people do not maintain their roof or even have it checked regularly. Prevention is much better than finding a cure. Regular checks on your roof by experts from Roofing Companies can prevent costly repairs when things eventually do go awry.

What is standing seam metal roofing?

Asphalt and modified bitumen are the most common choice when it comes to selecting a material for your roof. However, recently we've seen an uptick in metal roofing installations. This is because it has decreased in cost while its durability, protection and flexibility have increased.

Metal roofing has much to offer, such as fire resistance, weather resistance, is easily formed to fit your roof and has become even easier to install. In fact, metal roofing meets the highest of standards as far as fire resistance and wind/hail resistance.

How long does metal roofing last?

Standing seam metal roofing is not likely to rot, get moldy, split or crack. Because of this, a metal roof means your roof can enjoy a long life, and your maintenance costs will be comparably low.

Additionally, it is easily manufactured from recycled products — and is completely recyclable itself. Therefore, it is a very sustainable choice for the ecologically minded.

The options are virtually endless if you decide to go with metal roofing, and not least because of the various metals available. Galvanized steel, stainless steel, copper, aluminum, and other metals are commonly used, and each has their own look, feel and “personality”.

Is metal roofing really as green as they say?

Metal roofing can offer a lifespan of 50 years or more making it much longer lasting than other more traditional roofs installed on many houses. Since it is usually made up of at least 50% recycled material, and will eventually be 100% recyclable when it eventually needs replacing, it can truly be considered “green”.

On the other hand, asphalt squanders a huge amount of oil each year to produce shingles that survive only 15 years. At the conclusion of their journey they're finally disposed of in land fill sites using up yet more of the world's resources.

Standing seam metal roofing also means you'll employ significantly less energy, conserving yet more resources and cutting your summertime electricity bills. This is because metal roofing reflects roughly 70% of the sun's rays meaning that you will spend far less keeping your air conditioner working.

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