5 Safety Tips to Consider Before Using Miter Saw

Photo by gearland, CC0 1.0 The handy miter saw is a must have for any handyman or home workshop. It is highly versatile and great for cutting frames, crown moldings and general woodwork where you require angled cuts. It makes accurate, fast cuts at a predetermined angle that you require. It is sometimes known as […]

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Tips for Starting a Woodworking Business

Tweet At this time of economic uncertainty it can be particularly daunting to start-up a new woodworking business; you may go into the commercial world with the best of intentions but in today’s society you need more than good intentions to be a success….

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Mitered Frames–Different Means to the Same End

The following content is syndicated content. September 27th, 2015 in blogs Last week I did a couple of on-line training sessions with a fellow woodworker. He’s just getting started with SketchUp and using a bedside table he’s planning to build as a subject for learning the program. He wanted to create what […]

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European Travel? Swiss Museums with Woodworking

The following content is syndicated content. If you have the chance to travel to Europe, visiting museums is a pretty traditional thing to do. This summer, I had the chance to travel to Switzerland – and to visit a couple of museums with close ties to woodworking. In and near the town of Brienz, you’ll […]

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A Mortise & Tenon Exercise

The following content is syndicated content. September 29th, 2015 in blogs The Mortise & Tenon joint is probably used more than any other in woodwork, and there are a great number of varieties. Perhaps the most commonest application of the joint is in making door and other frames. But there other applications […]

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Design & Craft Collaboration: The Antigua Project

The following content is syndicated content. In May 2015, a group of 12 New York based designers and artists led by Rebecca Welz arrived in the city of Antigua, Guatemala, to collaborate with artisans in diverse crafts and create a line of products. This project became The Antigua Project, and it follows a model previously […]

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Modeling to Install a Box Lock

The following content is syndicated content. September 13th, 2015 in blogs I find installations of key or box locks to be significant challenges. Locks seem to require a degree of accuracy of installation beyond normal work in the shop. Multiple recesses and holes are required in the back face of the cabinet or chest front, and […]

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A “Kissing Gate” at Hadrian’s Wall

The following content is syndicated content. How to Sharpen Hollow Chisel Mortising Bits Finishing Technique for Greene and Greene Furniture Drawbore Your Mortise-and-Tenon Joinery The Essential Tool Chest […]

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Bandsawn Legs

The following content is syndicated content. September 6th, 2015 in blogs How do you draw a leg with two different curves? Of all the questions I get related to drawing in SketchUp, I think this one must rank right up there among the most common. I think I’ve covered this in the […]

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Showing Grain Direction without Spoiling the Drawing

The following content is syndicated content. How to Sharpen a Spokeshave The Essential Tool Chest Customize Your Router for Centered Mortises Capture More Dust from Your Router Table […]

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