Do It Yourself Project

Build your ready-to-assemble furniture, no sweat (literally!)

Fighting to assemble your new couch? Here’s how to do it easily. Redecorating is supposed to be fun—except that hauling home heavy furniture can create more aches and pains than smiles. Ready-to-assemble furniture is intended to make things easier, yet ask any number of people and they’ll tell you they’d rather have a tooth pulled […]

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diy soaps

Christmas Present Idea: DIY soaps

Und jedes Jahr die neue Frage: was schenke ich Freunden und Familie zu Weihnachten ? Ich finde es dieses Jahr besonders schwer, da eigentlich jeder schon alles hat und alles was ich kaufen würde, einfach nur “Zeugs” und nichts nützliches wäre. Ein paar…

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diy christmas wreath

DIY Vintage Christmas Wreath

Create your own DIY Vintage Christmas Wreath. When Interflora got in touch introducing a selection of DIY Christmas tutorials, I wanted to share their Vintage inspired Wreath. They have taken inspiration from traditional Christmas decorations combined…

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diy console

Budget Friendly DIY Furniture For Your Basement

Budget Friendly DIY Furniture For Your Basement If you’re remodeling or refinishing your basement you know that costs can add up quickly. You can shop online for furnishings, hoping to find some great deals. It’s also worth checking out your local thrift…

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anttique wardrobe

How To Antique Furniture

Everyone knows I’m a sucker for all things antique and vintage-especially things with a story. This antique wardrobe that I found at Brownstone Treasures was the first piece I purchased when I left my cramped space in Manhattan for an upgraded Brooklyn…

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Kitchen Remodel Part 4

Well, here we are again with my next kitchen remodel…part 4!  Are you excited?  I am sure you are.  LOL.  I am sad to say this will be my last update for a while.  After this post you will be completely caught up with us and…

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Our Kitchen Remodel – Part 3

Well here we are for part 3 of our kitchen remodel.  We left off last week with our beautiful new flooring.     Because the island was going to be 10′ x 3.5′ we really need to do something about the door to the pantry.  There would…

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Under Stairs Storage Ideas

12 Clever Under Stairs Storage Ideas and Inspiration Are you utilizing all of your available space? How about the area below your stairs? Using your existing space you can help declutter your home by adding some functional storage to areas that are usually…

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A Few Steps to Cabinet Painting

Easy Cabinet Painting

The first step to having your cabinet painted is the cost and challenge to a major remodel. Cabinet Painting can get you huge benefits as compared to messy remodeling techniques. A fresh look to our cabinets can easily be achieved by just a few coats…

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Bathroom Cabinets

So, you have decided to remodel your bathroom and you have also decided to replace those old, worn out cabinets which have seen better days. Bathroom cabinets play a major role in maintaining an organized bathroom. Besides being of maximum utility, they…

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