3 Choice Carpet Tips We All Need To Know

3 Choice Carpet Tips We All Need To KnowWhen it comes to choosing a luxurious flooring medium, we usually fall at the first hurdle and go for a lovely carpet. This is not only the obvious option but usually the most sensible choice for our family home. Sure, you could have thought about a hardwood design or perhaps even stretched to some ceramic tiles, but carpet will always be there to support our children and there is nothing to compare with the feeling of bare feet on a deep pile rug in the master bedroom. If you are in the market for some new carpets in your home, we've assembled 3 killer tips that can make a big difference to the choice that you make. Please take the weight off your feet and see what you think of these suggestions.

Stair Carpets

Stair Carpets

Obviously your stair carpets will take a lot of bashing every single day, and that should be on your mind when you choose your next one. The very nature the bending fitment of a stair carpet will immediately get the wear and tear process kicking off. Go for a cut-pile carpet over a looped pile design, the spaces between the loops will open up and they'll be looking rough before too long. Choose a dense carpet over a thin design and you should see a lot of action without too much ill effects. We would suggest that a woven wool carpet is the best way to go when covering those stairs. Wool is extremely durable and the woven backing will assist the carpet to remain in place the high traffic kicks in. These are going to cost you more than a or a polyester model, but the woollen carpet will last almost twice as long as those choices.

Be Green

Be Green

If you go to town on carpet padding and the associated adhesives, you could be risking your health and the environment. That lovely new carpet smell is not very healthy and you can now choose a little wiser when in the showroom. Ask to view some carpets made from natural products such as jute, wool and organic materials. for recycled materials as another option and do an before you set foot in the showroom. Nylon and polyester carpets are made from fossil fuel by-products so think about this when comparing them with a renewable option.

Carpet Vs Rugs

Carpet Vs Rugs

Although carpets are the undoubted king of flooring medium, an area rug is another cool option that should not be sniffed at. They are often cheaper than a fitted carpet and are far easier to clean due to the portability of these products. You can combine a hardwood floor with a lovely area rug and you've got the best of both worlds. In the summer you can retire the rug and bring it back out for autumn and winter, the choice is yours! Just be aware that a rug can offer a tripping hazard, so use some double sided tape and you'll be golden!

3 of The Best?

Well, perhaps not, but at least by following these tips you will be avoiding a lot of the more common mistakes made when selecting carpets. Enjoy your shopping and pick out a real winner!

Author By-Line:

Gary Stark, the author of this article, is a part of the team at Alliance Flooring Inc., leading providers of wood flooring services in Toronto. Gary enjoys cycling and coaches amateur cyclists whenever he gets the time.

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