How to Make a Chandelier from Airplane Models

Airplane Model Chandelier

A collection of airplane models displayed proudly at home speaks volumes about one’s love of aviation.

Typical collectors have a dedicated room or shelf to hold the models. But, if you’re a creative collector and also a right-brained person who takes pride in creating an ever-more beautiful space in your home, then you need to think beyond the ordinary way to display your most precious items!

The best of the skies are shown in this chandelier

Everybody knows what a chandelier looks like. In terms of radiance, light, and beauty, it certainly knocks us off our feet. It has this effect on us. Would it not be cool if you could incorporate your love of aviation into the mounted lighting fixture? Several ideas come to mind!

Wouldn’t it be great if you could use your airplane models to light up the room instead of the traditional lights?

Imagine you have your airplane model collection locked up in a dusty, locked room that nobody ever bothers to visit?

Wouldn’t it be great if you could share your passion and love of aviation simply by making your collection stand out more?

Ceiling mounted chandeliers are often found in rooms with high ceilings. The scale model belongs in the “sky” of the house, so perhaps that’s where it belongs.

You can turn your airplane models into chandeliers by following these steps:

First, prepare the materials:

Painting one 6-foot by 12-foot pine board with a neutral color, like nude, white, black, or blue is a good idea – preferably a blue or white nautical color)

The wooden airplane models will be held in place by approximately 175 feet of thin wire
painted with gold or silver.

Depending on your house, you may cut the pine board down to a size you deem suitable. If the chandelier is to be placed in the dining room, should it be large? Would you like to see it in your bedroom, so it must be compact? Measure the room proportionately so it doesn’t appear too large or too small.

Mark the board so that you’ll be able to figure out which plane model goes where. Do not worry if your measurement is not exact, because the size of your scale models might also be different. Find the perfect distance and focus on that. This will not be a one-and-done process, as it involves a lot of trial and error. It is important to leave yourself a room to adjust (if not set up correctly) so that you can make any changes easily. This chandelier can be designed to look random by keeping the models well-spaced and “random,” but in reality, it is not.

Creating the box that holds the airplane models in place will be the next step. Again, this will depend on where the chandelier will be placed in the room. In any case, follow your instincts, and build the box as you deem most suitable. It is best to hammer some nails into the box to secure it, and then finish it with a glue gun (you don’t want someone’s head to fall onto the DIY chandelier). Do not hang the plane models just yet once you have created the box.

See if the size fits in the room by holding the piece. If it does, you’ve done a great job. It’s possible to adjust even if it doesn’t. Sand down the whole surface, as well as the edges, to make sure it does not look too rustic. After you’re satisfied, you can paint it in the color of your choice. Next, choose and hang the airplanes you will be putting or hanging on the box base. Your models will also be different sizes, so it won’t be a problem if they hang from varying heights. Your choice of airplane models is important, however. If you decide to do it yourself, you may need to drill a hole on the top so that a wire can hold it in place and hold it hanging.

If your plane models are too expensive to use, or if this DIY chandelier is not meant for your favorite items, then I suggest alternatives. You can substitute other items if your plane model is too expensive for use, or if this DIY chandelier isn’t intended for your favorite items.

On the top of the airplane, attach a small and sturdy hook through which thinner wire can be fed. The wire should now be connected to the thick wire, which has been hammered and glued to the box’s base (mounted on top of the ceiling). Keeping the models neat will keep them from looking untidy. Using gold or silver spray paint, you can make the thick wire look classy.

It will take a bit of trial and error to hang the airplane models, smooth the box, and mount it to the ceiling!

Voila! Now you have your very own airplane chandelier!

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