Kitchen Renovation for Beginners

Although renovating your kitchen can be a lengthy and labor-intensive project, the personalized results are totally worth the effort. By using the right tools and focusing on the most important areas, you can completely refinish your kitchen and spruce up one of the most commonly used spaces in your home. Use this guide to kitchen renovation for beginners to make your kitchen absolutely fabulous.

Kitchen Renovation for Beginners

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Stripping Kitchen Cabinets and Removing Doors

The most noteworthy part of your kitchen consists of the counters and cabinetry. Not all kitchen renovation jobs center on the countertops or even the flooring, but you can count on the cabinets being replaced or resurfaced. If the cabinetry in your kitchen is salvageable, you will want to go directly to stripping, sanding, and refinishing the woodwork. Take off the doors and cover the walls and surfaces with plastic sheeting before you really get to work.

Upgrading Lighting, Water Filtration, and More

From the light switches to the current water filtration system, lots of elements beneath the surface in your kitchen are going to need to be re-done. Visit the Discount Filter Store to locate the right drinking water filtration system for your newly renovated kitchen. New water filter systems are easy to set up, connect, and use, making them a must-have for all kitchen renovation projects. New lighting is also easy and convenient to install. So, bring a ladder and a toolkit along with you when upgrading these kitchen essentials.

Redoing Kitchen Flooring

Whether you have high traffic carpet, hardwood, or tiling in your kitchen, years of use can degrade the quality of your kitchen flooring. When estimating how long it takes to renovate a kitchen, think about how much effort you are going to put into replacing the floors. Sanding, buffing, staining, and then sealing hardwood kitchen floors will definitely take more time than just replacing a few broken tiles. Compare different types of replacement flooring options so that you choose the best quality flooring for your new kitchen.

Priming, Patching, and Painting Interior Kitchen Walls

The walls in your kitchen might still look pretty good, but a fresh coat of paint in an exciting color will perfectly harmonize all the other upgrades you implement. When fixing up interior kitchen walls, you want to patch up any holes, smooth out all imperfections, and get everything leveled out, before painting. Some sanding might also be necessary to have the walls in your home’s kitchen pristine. Be prepared to apply a few coats of painting, waiting the required period of time between coats. Finally, a finishing coat of sealant will provide the right finish, protecting the paint itself from being damaged.

Decide on whether you want to use an intricate tile pattern to create an elegant looking backsplash in your remodeled kitchen, or if some hardwood flooring would freshen up the kitchen space. Have plenty of supplies available so you’re able to quickly and efficiently clean up as you renovate. Lastly, be open to making adjustments in case elements of your renovation project change at the last second. No matter what, with enough effort, your kitchen is going to come out looking great.

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