Tips that Will Help You Buy Quality Stock Kitchen Cabinets

Tips that Will Help You Buy Quality Stock Kitchen Cabinets
Kitchen cabinetry is will always remain an important part of any kitchen. If you're planning to make changes to your kitchen for purely aesthetic or functional reasons, you cannot ignore the kitchen cabinets. There are various cabinet options in the market, with custom cabinets ranking at the top in terms of popularity and functionality.

But a downside of these custom cabinets is their high costs- something that not everyone can afford. As COVID-19 has already put a dent in many peoples' finances, homeowners are now looking for budget-friendly kitchen cabinet options that serve the purpose. It is where kitchen cabinets come into the picture.

Earlier stock cabinets used to come in limited designs, sizes, and colors, and people used to doubt its quality, considering it to be inferior to custom cabinets. But over the recent years, this scenario has changed a lot. You can now find excellent quality stock kitchen cabinets that are sturdy, beautiful, and functional. But to get the perfect stock cabinets within your budget, you should know where to get them from and what exactly you are looking for. To help you purchase the best stock cabinets for your kitchen, we have compiled an epic list of tips that work. So before you start your search for quality stock cabinets, keep the below-mentioned points in mind.

1. Cabinet Built

The more specific you are with your requirements, the better your chances of getting the best stock cabinets. Before you start looking for cabinet options, determine your preferred cabinet built. A stock cabinet usually has a face frame or frameless construction. The former built has a solid hardwood frame glued to the cabinet box's front edge or carcass. This frame extends slightly beyond the cabinet box's sides, making it easier to trim and conform to any irregularities in the adjoining wall. The face-frame built is usually ideal for old kitchens.

In the case of frameless construction, the cabinet door is mounted directly to the cabinet box's front edge, giving it a line. The door and drawer openings are as wide as the cabinet's interiors, the cabinet's width can reach up to 36 inches, and the overall design is loved by people with a contemporary taste.

2. Material Used

Solid wood, plywood, and pressed wood are some of the materials that are used to create sturdy stock kitchen cabinets. A cabinet of solid wood is undoubtedly sturdy, but you have to double-check the quality, durability, and sturdiness when it comes to other materials. If the cabinet box walls of your choice have at least ½ an inch thickness, you can proceed with it. Besides the wall thickness, look for stock cabinets that come with the necessary hardware, allowing full extension without any trouble. If you don't want to get into so many details, just go with a solid wood stock cabinet; they are the best in the category.

3. Door Style

You will have four-door styles to choose from. Most stock cabinet manufacturers create door styles, viz., recessed panel, raised panel, slab, and glass panel. Leaving the slab door style, the remaining three door styles are known to have a traditional look. Slab door style has a minimal design or detail, and the entire door is made using a single piece of material. The delicate details or design in a slab door cover the cabinet box's opening, giving it a clean and streamlined look.

If you don't like a monotonous look, you can go ahead with glass panel doors, as they can have more than one pane, and they prevent the cabinets from having a monotonous volume. You can choose a door style depending on your preference. A simple online search will give you endless options for each door style, so you can easily find the best one using a few clicks.

4. Installation Costs

Stock cabinets are made on a mass scale and are sold in a pre-assembled manner. You can easily install these stock cabinets in your kitchen, saving much of the professional installation charges. If you love doing DIYs, you'll thoroughly enjoy the entire installation process. You don't have to be a DIY or installation expert to properly install a stock cabinet, as even a simple YouTube video can assist you step-by-step on the entire process. But if you don't want to the installation part, you can always rely on a handyman. Sharing the precise space information where the cabinets are to be fixed will ensure the retailer gives you the right-sized cabinets that can be easily fixed without any hassle.

5. Cabinet Colors

Owing to the stark features exuded by a kitchen cabinet both physically and virtually, it becomes essential to choose the right colored cabinet. These cabinets will be determining the tone of your kitchen, so be vigilant while selecting the cabinet colors. Earlier the cabinets used to come in either a beautiful red stain or the standard brown color.

But owing to the evolving market and customer requirements, the manufacturers have now started using various colors on their stock kitchen cabinets. You can find hand-applied finishes, opaque stains, glazes, and many more on these cabinets accentuating the cabinet's looks. A great idea will be to choose cabinet colors that are in sync and perfectly complement the colors on the kitchen walls.

Besides the points discussed above, you can also pay attention to the cabinet details. If budget is not an issue, go ahead with antique details, like a hand-stitched leather knob, hook & eyes in silicon bronze, etc.

If you follow the stock cabinet tips discussed in this article, you are guaranteed to find the right stock kitchen cabinets for your beautiful culinary space. If you want some décor inspiration involving stock cabinets, you can take the help of Pinterest boards. They are full of creative ideas that will help you make the most of your stock cabinet purchase.

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